Essential Sketching Tips and Tools for Beginner

As an artist, I always wished few things about sketching should have known earlier to find my taste, style, composition. These things actually help to improve our skills and show our lagging and leading phases. This blog is dedicated to beginners who are new to this world and want to develop their one of a kind cognizance. So, let’s begin

Know your Tools:

Drawing Pencils: When it comes to drawing pencils, each artist will find a brand that they connect with. Ultimately going to be up to you to explore different supplies/techniques so that you can arrive at your personal favorites. But, as a beginner you should know basic things about different variety of pencils. Graphite Pencils often come in a range of harder graphite (Eg. 9H) through softer graphite (Eg. 6B).  Harder graphite makes lighter marks and keeps a sharp tip longer, while softer graphite makes a darker mark, but needs constant re-sharpening.

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TOP 10 PC Games in 2019

Many don’t realise that despite the existence of smartphones, Xbox and Playstation, PCs are still one of the biggest gaming platforms all across the world.

In the last decade just about, a large range of games are launched for PCs and because it stands nowadays, most games are launched for all platforms together with PCs. so if you’re somebody who plays games on computer, don’t feel any jealous of those playing in alternative platforms since you have a good many range of games to choose from. During this article we have a tendency to are visiting pick the highest 10 games for PCs you’ll be able to play today.

1. PlayerUnknown’s battleground (PUBG)

PUBG is a multiplayer battle royale game in which players drop onto an island and fight to be the last one left standing. There are currently three maps: Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi. You can choose whether to play solo, duo, or with a squad of up to four players. Games load in with up to 100 players in total.

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